Városi Könyvtár
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Opening hours:

Monday: Closed
Thuesday: 10 – 18h
Wednesday: 10 – 18h
Thursday: 10 – 18h
Friday: 10 – 18h
Saturday: 10 – 14h


Békefi Antal Library, Community Center and Studio KB

Bieberné Réz Ágnes

Email: igazgato@zirckultura.hu
Tel/fax: +36-88-593-811

Library Community Center

8420 Zirc, József Attila utca 1.
Tel/fax: +36-88-593-810
E-mail: olvasoszolgalat@zirckultura.hu, konyvtar@zirckultura.hu


Berkesi Gáborné
Benczikné Tóth Magdolna
Vida László

8420, Zirc, Alkotmány u. 14.

Departmental boss:

Encz Ilona

Tel: +36-88-414-256

Pucsek Kata
cultural organizer

József Attila u. 1.
E-mail: kultur@zirckultura.hu, program@zirckultura.hu

Studio KB – City TV

8420 Zirc, Alkotmány u. 14. 1st floor
Tel.: +36-88-595-260, +36-30-773-3018
E-mail:studiokb@ktvzirc.hu, zircitv@gmail.com

Departmental boss - Editor:

Szalontay Szilvia

Cameraman: Wittmann Csaba

Other Colleagues:

Csaba Lilla

Fekete Zsigmond

Koósné Stohl Ilona

Kovács Eszter

Kulin Emese 

Colleagues of the Institution:

Kálovits Gabriella organizer

Kucsera Jánosné warden


  • photocopying, printing, scanning, fax, room rental, organizing events

  • free computer and internet use for registered members.

  • access NAVA-point

  • make a bibliography (from catalogues, data base) 10 pieces 300,- Ft, above it 30 Ft/piece

Library Etiquette

Usual Rules:

  • Bags and coats are allowed inside, but should be left at the hanger on entrance. The hanger is free of charge.

  • We do not take responsibility for personal belongings left in suitcases, or in bags.

  • Smoking is forbidden in the entire area of the library.

  • Mobile phones should only be used int he lobby.

  • The consumption of food or drink in the Library is not permitted, except in the lobby.

The guests, who do not keep the rules, will be banned for a limited time, or permanently.

The detections from the services, or wishes can be written in the Guest’s Book.

Services with free registrating:

  • Information from the library and the librarian system

  • Personal computer (laptop) use int he area of the library

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Use the librarian document collection, only inside the building

  • Read magazines

  • Use the E-library and the online catalogue

  • Public informations

  • Informations about the Literature, with online data bases

  • Studying local government minutes,submittings, corporate stuffs

  • Library events, programmes for reading, which are not equal with renting a document

Services for members only:

  • Renting documents (books, magazines, loud books, CDs, DVDs)

  • Use the informatical tools in the reading room

  • Access the internet with the computer sin the Reading Room

  • „How to use the library” reviews

  • Order books

  • Literature search looking after a topic (with charge)


Guests, who do not want to rent books, have to registrate. Registration is free, and it lasts for a year. For that, a registrating paper must be filled in. Enrollment is needed to rent books.

  • Only members can rent book os other documents.

  • Till 14 years, Student card or an adult with the child, above that ID card or passport, and the adress card is needed. With the enrollment guests accept the Rules of the usage the library.

  • Under 14 years, a parent, or an adult is needed

  • The changes int he personal datas should be told to the librarians. Guests can do it online, with an e-mail adress

Fee of the enrollment:

Adults: 1400,- Ft/year

50 % discount for:

  • students with valid student card, or for retired people

  • unemployed people

  • pedagogues

The enrollment is free for people:

  • Under 16 years

  • Above 70 years

Renting documents

There are few variety of documents, according to the renting.

  • fully rentable documents – Child and adult books on the shelves, and in the stock, literature in foreign language

  • partially rentable documents – magazines, local history documents, loud books, CD, DVD

  • not rentable documents – encyclopedias, diccionaries, high value documents

If You do not know that your book is fully- partially- not rentable, you can check this out on www.zirckultura.hu www.vkmh-zirc.koznet.hu

Limit of rentable documents and the periods:

Rentable books:

6 pcs

4 weeks

Partially rentable books:

1 pcs

1 weeks


6 pcs

1 weeks

CDs, DVDs:

3 pcs

1 weeks

Fine for late

Those guests who bring books back after the deadline, have to pay a Fine for late. It is 2Ft/day
We arrest the member if his deadline has ended.
If the guest do not response, the directorate will ban him for a limited time, or parmanently.
If the book has lost, the member has to pay the actual price of the book.

Ordering books

Ordering books is free of charge. If the book has arrived, the stuff will tell itt o the member on phone, e-mail or by a letter.

Servicies with charge: 

A/4 photocopying one-sided/paper

15,- Ft

A/4 photocopying two-sided/paper

20,- Ft

A/3 photocopying one-sided/paper

20,- Ft

A/3 photocopying two-sided/paper

30,- Ft


150,- Ft

Making spiral till 100 pages

300,- Ft

Making spiral till 200 pages

400,- Ft

Making bibliography till 10 peaces

300,- Ft

above 10

30,- Ft/peace


People in the library with comments and complaints should talk with the manageress, or go to the mayors office (Zirc, Március 15. tér 1.). 

Internet using

The work on the computers should match the cultural spirit of the institution. Because of this, using chat programmes, or browsing insulting pages are forbidden.

Useage of the computers, and the internet:

Thuesday to Friday 10-18 hours
Saturday 8-14 hours

Please keep these following steps:

Coats and bags should be left on the hanger, or in the bag cage.
One member at one coputer at a time.
The INTERNET REGISTRY paper have to be filled in at the begining of the using.
Breaking the rules causes the ban from the internet. The full text of the rules can be found in several places in the library.

Please read them, and keep them.

If the computers and the internet are used right, they will have a long lifetime. Our members can use them for a long time.

We wish a pleasant and useful time in our institution!